The Church End Masterplan

The Church End Masterplan is an exciting opportunity to revitalize and transform the Church End neighborhood in Brent, London. Following the examination of the draft Local Plan last year, residents were supportive of the place policy BP5, which identified the need for developing a more detailed vision and planning policy framework for regeneration and growth in the area. By developing this plan, the aim is to attract investment and maximize opportunities for Church End to become a welcoming and safer neighborhood with high-quality new homes, jobs, and infrastructure.

The masterplan will inform the area’s Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), and a statutory consultation will happen later in the year. The aim is to secure at least 1,300 new homes by 2041, including site allocations BSSA1, BSSA2, BSSA3, BSSA4, and BSSA5 from the Brent Local Plan (2010), a newly designed Market Square, and a number of shop units for local businesses.

The Church End Masterplan is a framework that provides conceptual layouts, proposals, and principles to guide the area’s growth and development. The plan aims to revitalize the Church End town center, support the delivery of new homes for Brent’s residents and jobs for the local economy, and develop proposals for co-location of industrial and residential uses. The masterplan seeks to raise the quality of public realm in the area, improve access to existing open space, and create new ones, promote active modes of travel, provide and improve existing infrastructure, and improve living conditions, employment opportunities, and life chances for local people.

The Church End Growth Area extends to 26 hectares, comprised of Victorian housing stock, the local town center, and 14 hectares of industrial land allocated for mixed-use regeneration. The Church End Masterplan is an ambitious and exciting plan to transform and revitalize the Church End neighborhood. The plan is a collaborative effort between the council, the community, and other stakeholders, ensuring that it reflects the aspirations and needs of the local people. The plan seeks to create a sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant community that will benefit residents, businesses, and visitors for many years to come.

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