Football Legend Dave Beasant Joins Celebration for 99 New Council Homes in Church End

Goalkeeping legend Dave Beasant joined the celebration at the groundbreaking ceremony for 99 new council homes in Church End earlier this week. The former Premier League star, who grew up in the neighborhood, expressed his support for the development that includes a permanent market square, five commercial units, and the 99 council homes. Beasant stated, “I think it’s brilliant. The area now is needing regeneration. I’m here to support that.”

Brent has partnered with Wates, the developer, and the Jason Roberts Foundation on this project, with a focus on initiatives that will add value to the community. These include enhancing a school playing field, organizing tournaments, and offering career education to local pupils and the wider community. Cllr Promise Knight, Cabinet Member for Housing, Homelessness, and Renters Security, stated, “I don’t live far from Church End. I understand the needs of this community. That’s why this development is important.”

The 99 council homes will be located in two four-to-five-story buildings, with one of the buildings having inbuilt facilities for a person with disabilities. The two buildings will overlook a green, landscaped space with newly planted trees and a soft play area for children. The new market square will feature enhanced stalls with brand new tables and gazebos.

Cllr Shama Tatler, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning, expressed her excitement, saying, “It’s great to see work finally getting started on 99 new council homes. We are really looking forward to seeing this project progress and all the benefits it will bring to local residents.”

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